Top linux commands to use.

Table with the command I most often use and think are essential. Or some that are cool, but easy to forget/not so often used.

ctrl+rSearch in bash history
ctrl+eGo to the end of the line
ctrl+uCut the characters before the cursor
ctrl+yYank/paste, it can paste what you cut with ctrl+u
ctrl+shift+cCopy the marked text
ctrl+shift+vPaste the text from the previous command
ctrl+dClose bash sessions, same as to type exit
!$Get the last argument from the previous command
!*Get all the arguments from the previous command
historyDon’t add command to bash history. There is space in front of the command
disown -a && exitExit terminal, detach all background process, so they can run. Useful for long tasks.
fcOpen last command in editor. Fix very long one-liners if you mess them up.
ctrl+x+eCompose command in the default editor and execute it on save.
curl Get your public IP from CLI.
very_long_command # labelLabel long commands, so it it easier to find in history. Everything after # is not executed as it is bash comment.
rm !(*.foo|*.bar|*.html) Remove all files except the ones with these extensions.
vim -x <FILENAME>Encrypt file in vim.
man hierShow filesystem hierarchy.
cat /etc/issue Get distro name.
ps aux | grep [p]rocess-name Find the process you are looking for, without showing the grep command itself.